What's Next?

The Amaranthine series may be at an end with Goddess of Night, but the Amaranthine Universe is far from done. There are too many characters who want their day in the spotlight, and too many stories to be told. So, without the series proper, what's next? Here are my tentative plans:

Tales of the Executioners Collections, Volumes 1 & 2 have been released! Check out twenty-nine short stories about love, loss, darkness, light, and even a Christmas romance, all stewed together in a pot of vampire goodness!

So now...

Micah & Loren - Though the gang was out west, Micah still didn't make it to California. It's time he remedied that with a vampire road trip! Familiar faces, unexpected meetings, and perhaps a robbery, this novel promises to be a lot of fun! Join me on Patreon to read it as it's written!

And then...

Jorick - Everyone wants to know what Jorick did before he met Katelina. Though you can read his origin in Deal with the Devil I know you want the rest. I know you want a novel.

Amaranthine Reloaded - Fast-forward eighteen years. Paylin and Jayleth are all grown up, but their trouble is just beginning. When Paylin falls in with vampire hunters, his adopted twin will do anything to save him, including call on some help from the usual suspects. A story spanning three books, this trilogy will certainly need a better name.

Jamie & Verchiel - Is it a murder mystery? A coven war? What kind of assignment could send these two off on their own? Hopefully, we'll find out in a novel length work! It might even turn out to be the exciting Mount Moses coven-cult fiasco in the 70s. OoooooOOoooOoo!

Forgotten Moments - Short stories that fill in some of the gaps, like what happened to Kai, or Troy's death, or what happened when Patricia revealed everything to Brad. These might become a collection, or might get posted on Patreon for my patrons. I haven't decided yet.

I can't promise that everything listed here will happen as described (or happen at all), but those are my plans at the moment. Have a short story you'd like to see? You can drop me a line and let me know.

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