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This website uses analytics for the purpose of tracking visitor numbers and location demographics, including saving visiors' IP address on a server for up to six months. However, it does not save your name, email, or any other personally identifiable information. The visitor log is visible only to Joleene Naylor and is not shared with anyone for any reason. Joleene can not use your IP adress to identify you, as in order to do so she would need information from your service provider, who will not supply it unless legal terms are met, none of which she would be able to meet. Because of this, she cannot delete your IP address from logs because she has no way of knowing which IP belongs to you, nor would she be able to give you this data on request.

If you contact Joleene Naylor: By emailing Joleene Naylor, you acknowledge that she will have the name, email, and any other data you might provide her with. Your email (including name, email address, etc.) will be stored in her email account indefinitely. You can ask at any time for her to delete it by sending an email to and requesting she delete it, as well as any contact information saved in her email servers.

Because of the Facebook share buttons on the Fun and Games page, Facebook may create cookies on your device to track where the shared item came from.

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