Light in the fog Wolf Spider Sea of Clouds Rain on the rose Shelter from the oncoming storm Playing the flute, Japanese festival, Springfield, MO, 2013 Artificial forest, Nathaniel Greene Park, Springfield, MO Japanese tea house, Springfield, MO Fiery sun Soft white Japanese Stroll Garden, Springfield, MO Cool sunset Purple flowers Dew on the dendelion Spring snow Old movie theater, Joplin, MO Japanese maple Flying crow Valley Water Mill Lake, Springfield, MO Blue and gold, Bolivar, MO, 2013 Pineapple Whip booth, Springfield, MO Red finale, Bolivar, MO 2013 Foggy night Hibiscus Flower Discarded Leaves like bowls of ice Nightmare forest Cherub Gravestone Icy Trees In Sympathy: RIP Lonnie Naylor, March 2013 Fireworks Henry Doorly Zoo, Omaha, NE Near Shenandoah, IA Scary monkey Henry Doorly Zoo, Omaha NE Stare barbed wire Mirror yellow leaf Pale frog brown butterfly Golden Drop Drops on the web Through the trees Light the Darkness Silver Reflections Daisies Close up of Feather Red and Yellow Soda Reflections The center The world's crabbiest turtle Mausoleum in Jefferson, Iowa Nice colors Awesome storm clouds Munching Looks Haunted Oil and water Blight? Cold Sunset snow Orange Autumn Branson, Missouri Thirsty? Standing frost Yellow Daisies among the Leaves Lonely Fallen Hero Petals Gone Fairy Queen Rain on the window Golden Sunset Rain drops on a Hollyhock From asphalt creeping away dead fairy wings Against a stormy sky Rain on the vine. Old cafe sign. Christmas spirit Wiaintg for Santa Thoughtful Fairy tale trees Iowa Crystal Lake - College Springs, Iowa sunset Hermit Crabs Nap time Pigeons

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