Joleene Naylor is a for-fun photographer who enjoys capturing pictures of nature, old buildings, rural scenes, and interesting objects. She has had her photos featured on Digg’s homepage,,, and numerous blogs, websites, magazines, and even in advertisements.

Joleene was given her first camera at the age of twelve. At the time film cost money, and every snapshot counted. Even so her friends and family used to joke that she saw everything important through a camera lens. Thanks to leaps in technology, and the creation of digital cameras, now she really can!

Though she has never taken a formal class, she attacks photography with the same gusto as her other projects, and uses the old-fashioned “if it looks good, it looks good” philosophy. Most of her photos are available for use under a Creative Commons license, for both personal and commercial work. You do not need to ask her permission, however if you’d like it in writing send a message to

Be sure to check out Joleene's Flickr repository at (

Besides photos, Joleene creates book covers ( and writes the paranormal Amaranthine series( ).

You can contact Joleene at, and if you’re still bored, you can find her personal blog at or her author blog at You can also find her on Facebook where she posts lots of photos f food and clouds. Of course, if you're on facebook, you should “like” her author page .

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