Tales of the Executioners, Volume 1

Executioner is the name given to the vampires’ elite enforcers; those who uphold The Laws and administer punishment. In Volume One meet some of those enforcers, learn their origin stories, feel their heartbreaks, their joys, travel with them on assignments, and see how The Guild came to be – but always, always, be wary of their leader, Malick. Contains expanded versions of some stories, available exclusively in the collection, as well as collection exclusive stories. Also includes the Executioner Timeline to help keep everything straight.


Jamie: Blood of Betrayal
Beldren: What We Deserve
Verchiel: Never-Ending Question (expanded edition)
Byrn: At Cristmas (expanded edition)
Clara: Pretty Pet (Bonus Story)
Daniel: Black Luck
Reymen: On Pain of Punishment (collection exclusive)
Kateesha: call of Blood (collection exclusive)
Jorick: The Price of Freedom
Krill: Dreadful Note of Preparation
Dismas: Prayers of the Damned
Mary: Chasing a Killer
Griselda: Pack of Wolves
Ark: Echo from the Past (expanded edition)
Migina: Just a Human

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