Aine: Another Complication- As one of the newest, Aine gets the job nobody wants: arresting a vampire for breaking The Laws. As if everything going wrong wasn't bad enough, things are complicated when he discovers that his target has broken yet another rule.

Ark: Echo from the Past- Ark has been an Executioner for two hundred and fifty years, and has always done his duty. When he's handed an assignment with a familiar perpetrator, will he be able to follow orders?

Verchiel: Never Ending Question- Verchiel wakes up in an unfamiliar room with a woman standing over him. He doesn't know who she is - or who he is. As he looks for the answers, he must learn to control his blood lust or fight a village of panicked people

Beldren: What We Deserve- The year is 1687. Beldren, a former indentured servant, suffers the same fate as many others of his kind. When Matthias suggests they take their due, Beldren is skeptical, but agrees. It's a choice he may live to regret.

Byrn: At Christmas- It's 1755. With The Guild in it's infancy, there are only so many Executioners, so when a report of mass killings rolls in at Christmas time, Byrn is sent to sort it out. He'd better do something special to appease his wife.

Lisiantha: Home for Christmas - After a bad breakup, Lisiantha returns to her old coven to find her ex in charge and her master in danger. Can Lisiantha and Josh save her – and maybe rekindle an old love in the process? Even vampires enjoy a Hallmark-style Christmas special.

Bren: In the Dark - Bren has a simple assignment - to deal with a coven who's killed too many locals. When he takes a victim's phone as a trophy, he becomes fascinated with the story of her death - almost too fascinated.

Cyprus: Future's Promise - Before Cyprus joined the ranks of the Executioners, he was a guard at the Stronghold in Munich, Germany, where he fell in love with Sadihra, who is the German equivalent of an Executioner.

Daniel: Black Luck - Daniel and Kateesha are tasked with apprehending a murderous vampire, but all work and no play makes Kateesha bored. When she lures Daniel into neglecting their duty, he can guess his future: failure isn’t something The Guild takes lightly.

Dismas: Prayers of the Damned - In 1893, Dismas is still a greater guard - or was before he joined Kateesha's revolt. Regretful, he wants to go back to The Guild, but can he get there - and obtain forgiveness - before Kateesha or the Executioners kill him?

Franklin: The Promise - After one hundred years of silence, The Hand of Death is on the radar again – and Franklin is assigned to deal with it. In a battle against legends, what can go wrong? Read the attack on Oren’s den through the Executioner’s point of view.

Greneth: Halloween Hijinx - When Greneth spies a haunted house advertisement, he wants to go. The money off deal is only good for two, and he knows just the vampiress to accompany him: Griselda. Now to make sure the evening turns out the way he wants...

Tales of the Executioners

The Tales of the Executioners collection: Free short stories from the world of Amaranthine; a universe of blood and darkness. Each tale centers around one of the Executioners squad; the special vampire "police" force. Members both past and present share stories of assignments, origins, and more. Some are sad, some are dark, and some are just fun. Are you brave enough to walk in the shadows?

Sadly, due to publisher decisions outside my control, the shorts are no longer available on Amazon. You can still find the stories on other retailers. I apologize for the inconvenience.

It doesn't matter what order you read the stories in - each is a stand alone short!

Fallon: Taste in Men - Though she's over 100, Fallon feels responsible for his sister. From one disaster to another, her relationships give new meaning to bad taste, and her newest is no better.

Zuri: Trapped - Contains spoilers for Ashes of Deceit. After being a prisoner of Oren's war coven for twelve days, Eileifr makes him take "time to recuperate". Rather than soothing him, Zuri feels just as trapped as he was by the war coven - maybe more so.

Jamie: The Blood of Betrayal - Wounded in battle, Jamie crawls home, desperate to see his wife and family again. When he wakes miraculously healed, he discovers his wife is dead, and his father hung as a traitor.

Griselda: Pack of Wolves - It's hard to tell who's your enemy and who's your friend at the citadel. No wonder the Executioners have human guard dogs.

Jorick: The Price of Freedom - Jorick has been away from his home and his wife too long. Finally freed from Malick's service, he heads home, but what he finds may well destroy him.

Krill: Note of Dreadful Preparation - It's 1893 when Krill finds a threatening note in his room. Only a guard at the citadel, he doesn't have many enemies. Who could mean him harm?

Kioko: On Equal Terms - An Executioner for just two weeks, Kioko is ordered to help bring in the Hand of Death. Will she survive the attempt?

Mary: Chasing a Killer - Mary's spent ten months chasing a rogue vampire and finding clever ways to cover up his mass slayings. Finally, in a small town in Iowa, things are about to come to a head. She'll catch him this time - or else.

Tellith: Fire of Imagination - Tellith is on vacation when he gets a call the the citadel is under attack! Is it the Hand of Death and his army? Will anyone survive? Can Tellith get back in time to do anything?

Migina: Just a Human - The human guard dogs have been useful, but as the threat of inter-Executioner violence fades, they're no longer necessary. Why is it bothering Migina so much?

Coming Soon:Obrad - Fifteen years after Goddess of Night, Obrad is sent on a wild goose chase just before the new Executioners are to be named. Will he make it back in time, or miss the ceremony?

Coming Soon:Senya - When Malick revolted, Senya left with him. Days later, she's starting to wonder if he really had a plan, or if this is just to win Jorick back.

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