Devil with the Devil

Jorick dreams of leaving his native country but can’t raise the funds. When a mysterious foreigner arrives with a job offer - care for his animals and stay away from his house until sundown - it seems like an easy way to make the money. Except, something is killing the herd one by one. When Jorick sets out to stop it, he’ll discover the horrifying truth about his employer and will have to decide: Is the money worth working for the devil?

Note: This story is only available to Patrons of Amaranthine on Patreon and participants in The Great Amaranthine Typo Hunt.

What is the Great Amaranthine Typo Hunt? Just like it sounds, it is a hunt for typos in the Amaranthine universe; both in the short stories and the novels. In a perfect world there wouldn’t be any typos, but I (and my editors) are human and we miss things. Have you found a typo? If so, you can use the contact form on this site, or drop me an email at Joleene (at) . Please let me know which book/story you found it in, and what the typo is (If you can include some of the text around it, that really helps!) As a thank you, I will email you the EXCLUSIVE short story Deal with the Devil.

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