Creature Feature Anthology

Vampires… Werewolves… Monsters… They stalk our dreams and nightmares… the stuff of legends and fantasies…

Featuring short stories by Joleene Naylor the Amaranthine series, Amber Naralim the Monsters series, and Gabriella Messina the Bloodline series, CREATURE FEATURE invites you to take a taste of the worlds these three authors have created, and the creatures you will never forget.

All proceeds benefit the Book Born children's book drive


Deal with the Devil by Joleene Naylor

Jorick dreams of leaving his native country but, after poor harvests, he can’t raise the funds. When a mysterious foreigner arrives with a job offer - care for his animals and stay away from his house until sundown - it seems like easy money. Except, something is killing the herd one by one. When Jorick sets out to stop it, he’ll discover the horrifying truth about his employer and will have to decide: Is the money worth working for the devil?

Tales of the Bloodline: Ivan by Gabriella Messina

Surviving a concentration camp was only the beginning for Ivan Karolyi. On a journey to find the Nazi physician who has made him a werewolf, he is drawn into a search for a Jewish family’s legacy, and a love that will shape his destiny.

A Beautiful Lie by Amber Naralim

Consequences. Every choice we make has them. A split second decision and an enigmatic stranger is all it takes to send Ellie Fredrick’s life spinning in directions she never thought existed. Willing to do whatever it takes to save her brother, mercenaries, bloodshed and Monsters dog her first steps into Vincent’s twilight world.

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