Short Story Collections

From Executioners, to Island Vacations, most of these collections can be read on their own, but they're better if you're familiar with the Amaranthine Universe.

Tales of the Executioners, Vol 1

Fifteen short stories of love, death, heartbreak, and blood.

Meet the Executioners, elite enforcers of the vampires’ laws. Walk with them through origin stories, follow them across the sea to the colonies, and run with them through the wilds, as they try to bring civilization to a land ruled by “day sleeper” clans. Fifteen interwoven stories tell the beginning of The Guild, set under the watchful - and sometimes malevolent - gaze of the ancient Malick, whose heavy shadow stretches even across the sea. Meet his favorite son, his willful daughter, his child-like pet, and many more whose jealousies, hatreds, and loves twist together to create consequences they can’t foresee.

Look for the rest of the story in Tales of the Executioners Volume Two.

Tales of the Executioners, Vol 2

Fourteen short stories that complete the saga of Malick’s Guild.

Volume Two continues the stories of the vampires’ elite enforcers. Well established in contemporary times, The Guild rots from within as Malick’s madness spirals out of control. His desperate plots to regain – and tame – his prodigal son lead to rebellion, betrayal, and death. Can the survivors pick up the pieces or will fiery chaos rule?

Vampire Morsels

Seventeen short stories about the characters who fell through the cracks in Shades of Gray and Legacy of Ghosts. Find out what happened to Sarah. Read Jesslynn's origin story. Discover what Verchiel had to do with Elsa's immortality and step inside Arowenia's kidnapping. Stories may contain spoilers for the Amaranthine novel series.

Thirteen Guests

Thirteen short stories set during the events of Masque of the Vampire.

Every fifty years, Andrei throws an expensive house party for the creme de la creme of the vampire world. With attendance down and news of dangerous events in the world, Andrei invites some new faces and requests security, pulling Jorick and Katelina into a swirl of intrigue and mysterious vampires.

But, there's only so much time in the novel, and only so much Katelina can see. Discover the things she didn't and enjoy thirteen stories, told through the eyes of the guests themselves. Dive into their histories, share their pain, their joy, and their hopes in the days leading up to the party.

Tales from the Island

After five novels of bloodshed and terror, Katelina finally gets her island vacation, but it's not all she expected. How can it be when her companions are vampires? Get ready for book six of the Amaranthine series, Children of Shadows, with these tasty bites. What happens on a vampire vacation, stays on a vampire vacation.

This is a collection of six short stories that fit between the Amaranthine novels Heart of the Raven and Children of Shadows. The're meant as a supplement to the series may or may not make sense if you haven't read the novels. They may also contain spoilers.

Heart of the Raven Mini-Prologue Collection

Nine flash fiction prologues for the book Heart of the Raven, the fifth novel in the Amaranthine vampire series. These stories are not intended to stand on their own, but as a supplement to the novel.

Meet Cyrpus, Neil, Sadihra, Wolfe and others as they go about their business the day before Heart of the Raven opens. None of them know that their fates will soon become intertwined, or that their seemingly unimportant actions may have consequences that will echo for a lifetime to come.

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