I've been lucky enough to be included in some wonderful anthologies. Some of my stories are from the Amaranthine Universe, and some aren't, so if you're looking for something besides vampire fiction, you may enjoy these.

Strange Portals Anthology

Includes the first edition of Tales of the Executioners: Verchiel and the non-vampire story Predator by Joleene Naylor.

Just in time for a much needed holiday break, twenty-two stories about fairies, vampires, werewolves, zombies, and everything in between. Visit a witch's body swap victims (Samantha's Day), find what happens when a girl is buried alive (Buried Alive), learn the origin story of Harper (from Night Touched Chronicles) and Verchiel (from the Amaranthine series), and much, much more. So kick up your feet, relax, and indulge in a short story by a new favorite author.

Contains stories by AK Stein, Adan Ramie, B.G. Hope, Barbara G. Tarn, Bonnie Mutchler, CG Copolla, DM Yates, JK Rosaline, Joleene Naylor, Kay Kauffman, Maegan Provan, Rami Ungar, Roger Lawrence, Roxanna Mathews, Russ Towne, Terry Compton and Tricia Drammeh.

When the Lights Go Out

Includes Tales of the Executioners: Beldren by Joleene Naylor.

A collection of twenty-five short stories just in time for Halloween. Enjoy thrills, chills, and mysteries. Meet ghosts, demons, vampires, and monsters everywhere from dark city streets to the English countryside. Scares lurk in the most unexpected places and, when the lights go out, no where is safe and no one will be spared.

Contains stories by Joleene Naylor, Tricia Drammeh, Adan Ramie, LC Cooper, Bonnie Mutchler, C. E. Cason, C.G. Coppola, Anne Franklin, Jason Gilbert, Barbara G.Tarn, Roger Lawrence, Nikki Hess, Rami Ungar, DM Yates, Russ Towne, Yawatta Hosby, Maegan Provan, Sean Morain, Terry Compton, & Christopher Mitchell.

The Very True Legends of Ol' Man Wickleberry and his Demise

Includes Out Walking by Joleene Naylor.

No vampires here! Ol’ Man Wickleberry is a man of legend – or is he a legend of a man? With a scruffy beard and a dislike for humanity, how long has it been since he met his demise, and what is he doing in his ghostly afterlife? The stories may differ, but all of them are true. We swear. So if you’re ever wandering alone in the woods at night, and find you’re not really alone, it just might be Ol’ Man Wickleberry.

Contains stories by Chris Harris, Mark R. Hunter, Jonathan Harvey, Joleene Naylor, Ruth M. Nordin, Simon Goodson and Terry Compton.

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