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Pulled into a world of darkness, Katelina's fate becomes intertwined with that of Jorick, a dark, enigmatic vampire. To stay by his side, she must navigate intrigue, terror and bloodshed as they are drawn from one battle to another. Dreams of peace seem elusive, and are complicated by mysterious vampires, old relics, and an ancient master. Join Katelina and Jorick in a world where vampires don't sparkle and night is eternal.

"[These books] are for adults... both the violence and the sex are not teenage stuff... and lurking behind the storyline is an adult theme." - Steve Evans, author of Demented

"A dark PNR with 'let me catch my breath' action, a dark and violent vampire world and the "be still my heart" vampire Jorick... Joleene is a gifted writer. Her tight and vivid prose is a joy to read and the dialogue and situations the characters deal with are full of emotion." - Sharon S., reviewer for I Smell Sheep

1: Shades of Gray

Katelina's "friend-with-benefits" is murdered for stealing from a coven of vampires. Hunted as an accomplice, Katelina must rely on Jorick to survive. But what happens when her knight in shining armor turns out to be one of the monsters?

The disturbing opener to the Amaranthine series pulls Katelina into darkness that tastes like fear and smells like blood, a world where night is eternal and vampires don't sparkle.

2: Legacy of Ghosts

After the events of Shades of Gray, Katelina seeks peace with Jorick, but it's hard to find with a vampire. The question is: does she want to try?

Despite her growing attraction to her "hero", she's left with the mystery of a locked room and a faded photograph. Meanwhile, Kateesha plans to fight the same battle as Jorick's fledgling, but a common enemy isn't enough to overcome past betrayals. Drawn into a deathly conflict, Jorick and Katelina must overcome old regrets, or lose their future to the ghosts of their past.

3: Ties of Blood

In the sequel to Legacy of Ghosts, there are consequences for every action.

A trip to Katelina's hometown does more harm than good. First, she and Jorick meet Verchiel, a strange vampire who's suspiciously eager to befriend them. Then, the police arrest Jorick for kidnapping. Worse, The Guild wants to question them. Will Malick, the head of the vampires, punish them? Or will their mysterious stalker kill them first - a stalker no one but Katelina believes is real?

In Ties of Blood, events are set into motion whose consequences will echo across the future.

4: Ashes of Deceit

Katelina and Jorick should be going to the tropics. Instead, they're rescuing a captured vampire. Who kidnapped him and why? With the appearance of a serial vampire killer, both the questions and answers grow murky. Is everything connected, or is it just a coincidence?

As Oren's attack on The Guild draws closer, new agendas cut a gruesome path that leads Jorick and Katelina back to the Citadel, where the monster Malick reigns. When the flames of war ignite, can they rise from the ashes, or will they be consumed by the inferno?

5: Heart of the Raven

A myth with the power to destroy the world...

Katelina and Jorick are sent to Munich to testify before the True Council, with an entourage that includes Verchiel. But when Malick attacks the stronghold, a routine visit becomes a race across the continent as Jorick leads them on a quest to reclaim the Heart of the Raven. Said to be the disembodied heart of Lilith, the relic may be more reality than myth, and if it falls into the wrong hands it could have disastrous consequences for the world. Can they reach its hiding place before Malick?

6: Children of Shadows

The sixth installment of the Amaranthine series pulsates with the dark blood of vampire lore.

The Children of Shadows, an extinct cult, resurfaces to wage war on the vampire guilds. Led by a familiar face, the cult wreaks havoc while Katelina and Jorick are trapped in Munich's stronghold. Ume, a vampiress who claims to know Verchiel, offers the help of her secret organization. But, can they trust her? Why have the Children of Shadows reappeared? Is it really a former ally that leads them, or a look alike? Jorick and Katelina will have to team up with past companions and new allies if they want to find out the truth.

7: Clash of Legends

Katelina wakes in Samael's domain without Jorick. Her vampire lover gathers an army to save her, but Malick interferes. For five hundred years he has manipulated and ruined Jorick's life. When he leaves Katelina broken and bleeding in the bowels of his oasis, it's the final straw.

While Malick sets up his glorious war with a living legend, Jorick plans the ultimate taboo: to kill his master. Will he succeed, or will he and Katelina be crushed in a greater war?

8: Masque of the Vampire

Katelina and Jorick head home at last, but it isn't the homecoming they expected. Between Katelina's family and the return of an old friend thought dead, it's almost a relief when Eileifr sends Jorick to Canada as extra security for Andrei's extravagant gala. Almost.

Then they find a dead child with a missing heart, just like the killings in the Heartless murders. It's hard to tell who the culprit is when everyone seems suspicious, but they'd better figure it out before they end up with a dagger between their ribs - or a chandelier on their heads.

9: Goddess of Night

A war four-thousand years in the making.

In the mists of time, Lilith sealed her immortal lover away. Awakened, Samael has only one plan: revenge. Katelina and Jorick are caught up in a war of ancients - a war that is about to get personal. With Katelina's best friend held hostage, Lilith takes the destruction to Katelina's hometown. Now, she has to choose between staying with her injured mother, or trying to save her best friend.

The final installment of the Amaranthine series raises the stakes. To win the final battle, Katelina will have to step up or lose everything she’s ever cared about.

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