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Eternal Night

When Kaden meets the beautiful but strong Johanna, he doesn't know he's entering a world of eternal night; a world of vampires. Is it worth the death, pain, and nightmares to stay by her side? Drawn from one battle to another, the two will be tested by mysterious vampires, old wars, and an ancient master. Join them in the gender-swapped world of Amaranthine, a dark mirrored-universe of twists and turns, jealousy, betrayal, and, most of all, love.

This is not the gender swap version that was free on Patreon, but an almost completely rewritten version. Find it exclusively in Kindle Vella.

Amaranthine: The Complete Saga

Pulled into a world of darkness, Katelina's fate becomes intertwined with that of Jorick, a dark, enigmatic vampire. To stay by his side, she must navigate intrigue, terror and bloodshed as they are drawn from one battle to another. Dreams of peace seem elusive, and are complicated by mysterious vampires, old relics, and an ancient master. Join Katelina and Jorick in a world where vampires don't sparkle and night is eternal.

Includes all the books plus Honeymoon Havoc and A Different Time short stories.

Brothers of Darkness

When Patrick's missing brother returns, he brings a world of darkness. Turned into a vampire against his will, Michael is the coven's whipping boy. When Patrick tries to help, he's claimed as a slave who spends his weekends preparing victims, scooping ashes, and falling prey to the vampires' twisted desires.

There's only so much hell he can take. When vampires from a warring coven offer sanctuary in exchange for cooperation, Patrick agrees. What he thought would be a few months drags into a long smear of nightmares and, though he fights for hope and freedom, the cost of victory may be more than he bargained for.

The prequel to the Amaranthine series tells the story of Patrick and Michael, how they got tangled into Claudius' web, and their valiant fight to escape.

Tales of the Executioners

Meet the Executioners, elite enforcers of the vampires’ laws. Walk with them through origin stories, follow them across the sea to the colonies, and run with them through the wilds, as they try to bring civilization to a land ruled by “day sleeper” clans. Fifteen interwoven stories tell the beginning of The Guild, set under the watchful - and sometimes malevolent - gaze of the ancient Malick, whose heavy shadow stretches even across the sea. Meet his favorite son, his willful daughter, his child-like pet, and many more whose jealousies, hatreds, and loves twist together to create consequences they can’t foresee.

This is the entire collection in one bundle.

Vampire Morsels

Hungry for vampire fiction that goes deeper than the usual maniacal laugh? In these seventeen morsels, you’ll discover a myriad of vampires: some are cruel, some are kind, and some just want a quiet evening. Enjoy seventeen short bites from the world of Amaranthine - a perfect appetizer for those new to the universe, or a dark desert for readers familiar with the world.

These are the expanded versions of the stories.

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