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Amaranthine Series (paperback & ebook)
0. Patrick's Story: Brothers of Darkness
1. Shades of Gray
2. Legacy of Ghosts
3. Ties of Blood
4. Ashes of Deceit
5. Heart of the Raven
6. Children of Shadows
7. Clash of Legends
8. Masque of the Vampire
9. Goddess of Night (coming 3/31/2017)

Short Story Collections: (paperback & FREE ebook)
Vampire Morsels: 17 short stories
Thirteen Guests: 13 short stories (Companion to Masque of the Vampire)

Tales of the Executioners: (ebook only)
Aine: Another Complication
Ark: Echo of the Past
Lisiantha: Home for Christmas

More Freebies: (ebook only)
Road to Darkness: The companion short to Brothers of Darkness
Tales from the Island: Six Short Stories
Heart of the Raven: the Mini Prologue Collection
101 Tips for Traveling with a Vampire

Collector's Editions (paperback only)
features a special hand drawn cover and extra content
Patrick's Story: Brothers of Darkness
Shades of Gray Collector's Edition
Legacy of Ghosts Collector's Edition
Ties of Blood Collector's Edition
Ashes of Deceit Collector's Edition
Heart of the Raven Collector's Edition
Children of Shadows Collector's Edition
Clash of Legends Collector's Edition
Masque of the Vampire Collector's Edition

Handbooks:(paperback only)
Amaranthine Files: Official Illustrated Handbook

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