Chronological Order

Between short stories and novels, the Amaranthine series is pretty expansive. Here are all the short stories and books listed in chronological order. Note that this is not necessarily the recommended reading order (you can find that elsewhere).

Claudius (Vampire Morsels) 1500s
Deal with the Devil: Jorick's Origin (Creature Feature Anthology) 1566
Jamie: The Blood of Betrayal (Tales of the Executioners) 1650
Beldren: What We Deserve (Tales of The Executioners) 1687
Verchiel: Never Ending Question (Tales of the Executioners) 1695
Byrn: At Christmas (Tales of the Executioners) 1755
Daniel: Black Luck (Tales of the Executioners)1772
Jesslynn (Vampire Morsels) 1820
Kariss (Vampire Morsels) 1820s
Alexander (Vampire Morsels) 1831
Velnya (Vampire Morsels) 1855
Kateesha (Vampire Morsels) 1868
Jorick: The Price of Freedom (Tales of the Executioners)1868
Krill: Dreadful Note of Preperation (Tales of the Executioners) 1893
Dismas: Prayers of the Damned (Tales of the Executioners) 1893
Mary: Chasing a Killer (Tales of the Executioners) 1912
Bethina (Vampire Morsels) 1947
Adam (Vampire Morsels) 1952
Griselda: Pack of Wolves (Tales of the Executioners) 1956
Nirel (Vampire Morsels) 1967
Ark: Echo of the Past (Tales of the Executioners) April 1972
Benjamin (Vampire Morsels) 1972
Elsa (Vampire Morsels) early 1980s
Fallon: Taste in Men (Tales of the Executioners) 1985
Lisiantha: Home for Christmas (Tales of the Executioners) mid 1980s
Ashton (Vampire Morsels) 1995
Greneth: Halloween Hijinx (Tales of the Executioners) 1997
Cyprus: Future's Promise (Tales of the Executioners) 10 years before Heart of the Raven
Troy (Vampire Morsels)
Michael (Vampire Morsels)
Book 0: Patrick's Story: Brothers of Darkness
Road to Darkness short story (takes place during Brothers of Darkness)
Arowenia (Vampire Morsel) (takes place during Brothers of Darkness)
Bren: In the Dark (Tales of the Executioners)
Book 1: Shades of Gray
Sarah (Vampire Morsels) (takes place during Shades of Gray)
Franklin: The Promise (Tales of the Executioners) (takes place during Shades of Gray.
Herrick (Vampire Morsels) (takes place during Shades of Gray)
Book 2: Legacy of Ghosts
Book 3: Ties of Blood
Book 4: Ashes of Deceit
Kioko: On Equal Terms (Tales of the Executioners) (takes place during Ashes of Deceit
Tellith (Tales of the Executioners) (takes place during Ashes of Deceit
Heart of the Raven Mini-Prologue Collection
Book 5: Heart of the Raven
Zuri: Trapped (Tales of the Executioners) (takes place during Heart of the Raven)
Aine: Another Complication (Tales of the Executioners) (takes place during Heart of the Raven)
Micah (Tales from the Island)
Torina (Tales from the Island)
Oren (Tales from the Island)
Sadihra (Tales from the Island)
Loren (Tales from the Island)
Verchiel (Tales from the Island)
Book 6: Children of Shadows
Book 7: Clash of Legends
Book 8: Masque of the Vampire
Thirteen Guests Collection (takes place during Masque of the Vampire)
Book 9: Goddess of Night
Honeymoon Havoc Short Story
A Different Time Great Typo Hunt & Newsletter Exclusive Story

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